The Commerce of the Inner Markets



CMITCOIN (The Commerce of the Inner Markets) is an Ethereum token designed to bring Japanese comics, anime, music (Vocaloid*), cosplay, and other fandoms to the world. CMITCOIN offers functionality that allows content creators to simultaneously secure new fans while also disseminating their content. Furthermore, fans and users of content can support only the content creators they feel are truly worth it. Through the use of purchase logs and feedback, they can engage with content creators and foment a global community of fans.

Connects to CMITCOIN
Three valuable points

Economic Value

Intuitive settlement and the ability to make micro-payments

CMITCOIN provides terminals built on blockchain technology to build a unique economic zone.

Starting with payments to affiliated companies, this simple and highly usable terminal application will help producers with promotional activities, sales, fan acquisition, and the securing of budget production costs through fan donations.

Internal Value

The wallet application provided by CMITCOIN is linked with SNS (as well as Facebook and Twitter), so by logging in to one's account it becomes possible to link one's personal device with the application.

Payments and micropayments can be made to satisfy the needs of creators, and this will encourage the discovery of high-quality content and the discovery of potential culture.

Social Value

Discovering potential value can improve society as a whole.
CMITCOIN will provide opportunities for people to discover diverse content that may otherwise have been blocked by various walls, such those imposed by communities, ethnic groups, or borders.

It unlocks the potential value that exists all over the world and thus benefits society as a whole in a brand new way.


To make the future promised by CMITCOIN a reality, the project team has a clear vision and roadmap.
Let's share some of the magnificent plans that CMITCOIN has in store for us.

  • -CMITCOIN is issued
    -airdrop begins
    -commencement of creation of detailed specifications document for Deneb
  • -Initial allocation of tokens through distributed exchange
    -Public contest to select mascot character and announcement of results
  • -Incorporation as a company (announcement of business plan)
    -Listed on overseas exchanges
  • -Deneb development started full scale
    -Announcement of surprise project
  • -Expanding partnership
    -Partnership with major Japanese exhibitor event company
  • -Official release of wallet application (Deneb)
    -Pilot test of CMITCOIN Deneb at major domestic exhibition of new products
    Listing on major exchange and major liquidity achieved
  • -Official release of wallet application(Altair)
    -Pilot test of CMITCOIN Altair at major domestic exhibition of new products
  • -Official release of wallet application(Vega)
    -Pilot test of CMITCOIN Vega at major domestic exhibition of new products
  • -Announcement of trading on major Japanese exchange
    -Launch of events at overseas exhibits
  • -Official release of wallet application(Triangle)
    -Pilot test of CMITCOIN Triangle at major domestic exhibition of new products

Token allocation (with 50B tokens issued)

-Event planning expenses (10%)

Used for the Twitter airdrop and various other events and distribution across a range of outlets.

Allocation to exchange at time of public offer *includes DEX (30%)

Development (25%)

Allocated to application development, server development, upkeep costs, and all other development-related costs. *Lock-up after ICO, followed by setting a fixed rate at which tokens are released into the market.

- Investment in content creators and events (10%)

Allocated to content creation and costs for event exhibiting. *Lock-up after ICO, followed by setting a fixed rate at which tokens are released into the market.

- Marketing (15%)

The funds will be applied to marketing CMITCOIN and the application. *Lock-up after ICO, followed by setting a fixed rate at which tokens are released into the market.

- Operations (10%)

Retained by operations team for operational use.






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